> Selected Presentations January 2015

James Reinertsen delivers plenary presentations to meetings of hospital and physician organizations, state and national healthcare associations, and international forums. Presentations are custom-crafted to include performance data and other elements relevant to each audience, on topics such as executive leadership, the role of governance, physician leadership, and other subjects—all focused on the central theme of clinical quality and safety. Selected Presentations January 2015.

Board & Leadership Retreats

The Reinertsen Group organizes and presents Board and Leadership Retreats, mainly for hospitals and health care systems. Typically, the organization’s leadership uses these retreats to build awareness of quality issues, to plan for how to approach improving quality, and to accelerate progress toward results. All of this work is custom-designed in order to integrate into each organization’s culture, structure, and strategy, and delivered by James Reinertsen, M.D., often with the support of other expert faculty brought together to meet specific needs of clients.

Seminars & Workshops

The Reinertsen Group designs and delivers educational seminars and workshops for state hospital associations, health systems, and other large groups that wish to build the capability and capacity of board, executive and physician leaders to lead quality improvement. In these seminars, participants learn about what leaders do to achieve quality, and more importantly, how they do it.

Long Term Relationships

James L. Reinertsen enters into 1-5 year agreements with a small number of health care systems, with the aim of initiating and accelerating the transformation of each organization’s culture, systems, and structures for quality. Through mentoring, coaching, in-depth site visits to improvement teams, Board retreats, teleconferences, and other mechanisms, Dr. Reinertsen becomes something like an additional member of the executive team, with an outsider’s perspective, and a national/international set of resources to draw on to address specific issues and problems. The nature of the engagement requires that the principal “client” within the organization be the CEO, and the demanding time commitment of these types of engagements limits the possible number to a handful each year.