e-Education Services

Jim Reinertsen and Jamie Orlikoff have joined forces to create Orlikoff Reinertsen Boardworks, presenting a monthly series of leadership web seminars on timely topics, as well as an exciting new electronic educational resource for boards, executives, and physician leaders. Titled "The Board's Role in Quality and Patient Safety," it is a meticulously crafted set of twelve 20-minute programs that can activate and equip leaders for their critical role in quality and safety oversight. The 12 programs (viewable online, or in groups using the 3-DVD set with discussion guides) can be used to orient new board members, teach and equip a quality committee of the board, develop medical staff leaders, and even "certify" the learning and growth of participants. Learn more about this exciting new resource, as well as our ongoing series of leadership web seminars.

Web Seminars

Jim Reinertsen and Jamie Orlikoff have formed Orlikoff Reinertsen Boardworks, offering a variety of electronic education services for boards, executives, and medical staff leaders. Among these services and products are a comprehensive 12-part education series for boards on how to oversee quality and safety, as well as monthly webinars dealing with critical and current issues that leaders must know about if they wish to lead improvement of quality and safety in the boardroom, executive suites, and medical executive committees and councils. Examples of recent and upcoming topics for these webinars include:

  • Health Care is Still Unsafe: What Boards Must KNOW about Patient Safety
  • Health Care is Still Unsafe: What Boards Must DO about Patient Safety
  • Is Your Hospital Capable of Accountable Care? Is ANY Hospital?
  • Health Care Reform: What Will It Mean for Medical Staff Relationships?
  • Never Events: Where Was the Board?
  • The Quality Committee of the Board: Taking It To The Next Level

For a full list of upcoming and past webinars, and to review our electronic education library of recorded webinars available for purchase, go to Orlikoff Reinertsen Boardworks.

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